Are Some Lake County Area Wells Drying Up?

For those of you who receive your water from private wells, have you ever thought of what would happen if that well went dry? What would you do? What would that do to the value of your home? Better yet, what if you live in an area where you receive your water from the town/village in which you live and they access multiple wells, what if those wells ever went dry?

That is exactly the question being asked in about 10 Lake County areas. Under a $252 million proposal a new water treatment facility in Zion which would stretch about 57 miles would deliver water from Lake Michigan to the following communities: Lake Villa, Lindenhurst, Antioch, Wauconda, Fox Lake, Volo, Lake Zurich, Hawthorn Woods and Long Grove. Most of these communities have contributed $5,000 for planning and are also being asked to contribute an additional $50,000 to keep the project going.

The proposal needs approval from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. If approved all but 20% of Lake County would be on Lake Michigan water.

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