New Construction Home Builders


Choosing the right builder for your new construction home

· Start creating a list of new construction home builders:
1. Talk to family and friends who have bought a new construction home and ask about their experiences.
2. Contact a real estate agent in the area(s) you are interested in buying a home.
3. Search the Web
4. Look in the real estate section of your local newspaper. Some will even have a New Homes section.

· Do your homework on new construction:
1. Get a recent list of homes the builder has built. They may even be able to provide you with names and phone numbers.
2. When speaking with current owners, make sure you have a notebook to take notes. Try and speak with as many owners as possible and have questions prepared ahead of time like, Are you happy with your home? Was your home built on-time? Have you had any problems? If so, were they fixed in a timely manner? Would you buy new construction from this builder again?
3. Look at the quality of work. Does the home builder use quality materials? Check out the quality of the cabinetry, trim, drywall, windows, etc. in the builder’s new construction homes

Other items to be aware of when dealing with new construction:
1. Warranties- What type of warranty does the home builder offer? Most home builders offer a 1 year warranty to repair or replace items that may be defective. You should get the exact terms and coverage in your purchase agreement though.
2. How much money does the builder require up-front, and is there any additional money due prior to closing?
3. Inspections- Does the home builder offer “inspection periods” throughout the building process?
4. Punch List- This is a list comprised by the buyer. It may contain small items the builder has yet to complete, items that have been installed improperly, etc. An agreement between the buyer and home builder will determine the time period the buyer has to submit these issues.

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