Neighborhoods In Austin

Neighborhoods in Austin

Even as life advances in Austin, the past is still important and is still respected and cherished. To this day, no building constructed in Austin can restrict the view of the Capitol Building. This adds to the wide-open feel and appeal of Austin that is unusual in today’s modern metropolitan areas. You can still see the sky from anywhere in Austin, and it provides a wonderfully scenic backdrop to this truly Texan town.

Austin is located on the Colorado River and there are three man-made lakes within Austin’s city limits. These resources provide an opportunity unique to much of the area in that prospective homeowners searching for Austin real estate have the option of living nearby or in view of water. What could be more relaxing than gazing out on the tranquil waters of one of Austin’s lakes as you unwind after a day at work? There is something inherently peaceful about the sight and sound of water and Austin Texas condos owners are never very far from the sense of serenity, but also the excitement that water provides.

Austin Texas serves as the capitol of the state of Texas and the County Seat of Travis County. The area of modern-day Austin was originally settled in 1835, and was initially named Waterloo. The city was renamed in 1839 in honor of Stephen F. Austin. Austin has continually evolved throughout its history- from a frontier town in the heyday of the old west, through the progression of history, into an educational and eclectic metropolitan community entering the 21st century and preparing for life beyond.

Austin, Texas enjoys a favorable and pleasant climate, suitable for outdoor activities nearly year round. Properties found in Austin real estate listings reflect the opportunities for outdoor recreation- championship golf, a bicycle ride through the Texas hill country northwest of Austin, fishing or boating, horseback riding or even a quiet stroll in the evening through peaceful and placid for any downtown austin realtor. The average annual high temperature in Austin is a pleasant 79 degrees. The average low is a very comfortable 58 degrees, perfect for any type of recreation. Winters in Austin are mild and dry with an average of 24 days when the low temperature is below freezing. Spring is the time when Austin receives the majority of its 33 inches of annual rainfall, and summer is typically hot and humid, but the average summer high temperature is a relatively comfortable 90 degrees.