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If you are reading this blog then you are probably interested in becoming or working with a “Hybrid Realtor”. There are a few pure technology oriented Hybrid Realtors out here and some don’t even know that they are. Others such as myself (Brian Nygard – Co-Owner of and with RE/MAX Grand’s Team, my partner Scott Epstein (Co-Owner of and with RE/MAX Grand’s Team and Geno Petro (Top Chicago Real Estate Blogger and with Chicago Home Estates, not only know we are Hybrid Realtors, but we take active measures to ensure we are. I should mention that Geno’s Hybrid Realtor blogging topics and mentions has really shape my focus on the type of Realtor I strive to be, that is, a technology oriented Chicago Hybrid Realtor!Let’s list what it takes to be considered a Hybrid Realtor (or Hybrid Real Estate Agent, Hybrid Broker, Etc):1. Here’s any easy one to start, Palm Treo, Blackberry Etc (With Internet). Palm 700W (Windows) is my preference, Gmail access (the many domain name email hub – send and receive from all email addresses), SPACE, large attachments, “You are currently using 1582 MB (55%) of your 2867 MB.”. Google calendar, Google Docs, Google Spread Sheets… ANYWHERE! Please let me repeat myself a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e. Oh well I think my “1.” is actually 4 or 5.…Please add your comments.…I’ll be adding to this post over the next couple weeks.

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