Basking Ridge Nj Real Estate

Basking Ridge NJ Real Estate

Deeply rooted in its historic surroundings, this small New Jersey community is geared toward the widely affluent concerned with simply getting away and indulging in the finer things in life. Basking Ridge NJ real estate offers some of the finest properties available in all of north central New Jersey. From its beautiful homes to charming landmarks with their intriguing stories, Basking Ridge is a place for those who simply want to enjoy what is best in life.

Commonly recognized as a white-collar community, Basking Ridge has always attracted those after the best. This is also present in the community’s history. Looking at the Brick Academy, initially known as the Basking Ridge Classical School, the initial design was to prep young men for the College of New Jersey – or more notably referred to today as Princeton. Another of Basking Ridge’s more notable buildings is the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church. A Greek Revival church, it was built in 1839 and is currently listed on the New Jersey and National Register of Historic Places. There is more associated with the church as well, considering the church’s graveyard is home to a 600-year-old white oak tree where it is believed that General George Washington would venture to, collect his thoughts and enjoy a picnic during the Revolutionary War. One of the most interesting stories is that of the Van Dorn Mill. Initially built as a wooden structure in 1768, the mill was rebuilt in 1843 with the hopes to become the finest stone structure in all of New Jersey. Paying its laborers one dollar a day and using stones from local farmer hedgerows, the project was completed at a total sum of $5,000 for work and materials.

Today, successful commercial business has found its way to Basking Ridge in the likes of the telecommunications giant, Verizon Wireless. Setting its headquarters in Basking Ridge, much of the areas population is composed of employees. Many of which not only enjoy favorable, upscale real estate, but some of the finest golf courses and country clubs as well.

From its historic past to its current economic success, Basking Ridge finds itself as one of north central New Jersey’s most sought after residence locations. Basking Ridge NJ real estate offers some of the finest properties in all of Somerset County. If it is high-end luxury living you’re after, then you should truly look no further than Basking Ridge, New Jersey.