Atlanta Ga Real Estate

Atlanta GA Real Estate

Georgia’s landscape is diverse and is divided into six regions but essentially there is the mountainous area, the hilly piedmont area and the coastal plains. The mountainous area in the north is sublime with forested mountains and green valleys. Hardwood trees and pine cover the slopes of Atlanta Georgia‘s mountainous area. Oaks, Beech, black tupelos, hickories, sweet gums, tulip trees, tupelos and walnut trees are common in these high regions that range from about 2,000 to about 5,000 feet above sea level.

Georgia’s mountains are a part of the Appalachian Mountains which are not as dramatic as the Rocky Mountains in the central and western United States. The Appalachian Mountains are older geologically by probably millions of years and their steep cliffs and peaks have been worn down through time by wind and water.

The Appalachian Mountains have more diversity of plant life than the Rocky Mountains. Forests cover about 70 percent of Georgia and along with its many kinds of trees there are Laurels and rhododendrons throughout the area.The mountains not only offer scenic hiking and drives but water rafting, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and horseback riding. If you are ever in the area you will also many kinds of animals. From the mountains to the hills to the coast, there are many creatures such as bears, beavers, foxes, deer, squirrels, raccoons, rabbits and opossums. In fact, the hill of any Atlanta Georgia real estate has at least a few of these animals visiting. It’s not uncommon to see a deer grazing in the suburbs of Atlanta or spy rabbits hopping in nearby lawns or fields.

Below the mountains there are rolling hills in the Piedmont area where Atlanta is located. The gentle hills are verdant and many birds are attracted to its many trees and plentiful water. Quail, wild turkeys, marsh hens, ruffed grouse, doves and ducks are plentiful as are songbirds. Georgia’s songbirds are melodious and it is common to hear them singing. Thrashers, mockingbirds and wood thrushes are some of the songbirds that fill forests and fields with sweet tunes.

There’s Atlanta Georgia real estate where you can see and hear many creatures that will delight and entertain you. Beautiful hilly landscapes and long sunsets offer Georgian’s much more environmental treats than many other states in the nation or regions in the world. Come see the alligator filled swamps or the largest bird refuge in the country.