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The Healing Warmth of Arizona.
Maybe your son has asthma, and it’s getting worse. The doctor says it’s probably bad enough to move to drier climes. He suggests Arizona MLS.

You groan.

Why do you groan? Because of the image you carry around in your head of the entire state of Arizona being one big sandbox, with the natives sweltering in the sun and never getting anything done. Go ahead, admit it.

The reality is almost 180 degree opposite of your widely held fantasy: Arizona is a bustling hive of activity, boasting natural wonders and public services right up there with the top-drawing states of the nation. And more people are discovering this fact every day.

The fact is that many people do move to Arizona simply for the dry weather. It sometimes helps – even cures – respiratory problems, including allergies and asthma. But once there, visitors tend to fall in love and become lifetime residents.

The school system, economy and industry in Arizona’s fast-growing cities are unrivaled in the country at the present. As if a solid foundation for living well and prospering weren’t enough, the state of Arizona boasts one of the Natural Wonders of the World – the Grand Canyon. Nowhere on the planet is there a sight like this majestic canyon, carved from rock and earth by the mighty Colorado River.

Other beautiful natural attractions abound in Arizona too. The great red rock country of Sedona attracts an enormous amount of photo-op seekers, as well as those who simply love to gaze at the incredible beauty nature can produce simply for the asking. Flagstaff and its environs are gorgeous in their own right, and for breathtaking glory, there’s nothing quite like the awesome Sonoran desert.

But you and your family don’t have to live in the desert for your son to reap the benefits. The weather is generally hotter and drier than almost any habitable place in the United States, though it can turn quite cold in the winter. (Who doesn’t like a change once in a while?)

Cities in Arizona are thriving, still offering room inside their metropolitan areas as well as their suburbs. Take a look at real estate in the capital city Phoenix, and then consider Yuma, Tempe, Tucson, Sierra Vista, Lake Havasu City, Prescott, Chandler, Flagstaff, Gilbert, Avondale, Glendale, Apache Junction, Casa Grande and Surprise.

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