2006/12/Bare Bones Discounts In Chicago

I recentely read an ariticle or wait was it an ad on an blog intitled, “Bare Bones Discounts in Chicago”.

Basically my comment was:

““Discount brokerage as low as $350″ – I’ve seen more and more adds of real estate agents doing this, but not exactly sure how I feel about it from a Realtor’s prespective. I did this once and it seemed to me much more of a headache then what it’s worth. Believe me it’s not exactly handsfree. I felt kind of like I was putting my name and broker’s rep out there and at risk so I got involved anyway. For one the selling agents will call you and then you feel somewhat like a jerk having to explain the situation. Also when I run into these when working with biuyers i always say to my self, ah come on already, this sucks!”

What do you all think about these “Flat Fee MLS” / “Hands Free” lisitngs? I’d be interested in hearing opinions from different points of view (Realtors, Brokers, Attorneys, Buyers, Sellers, etc) – Please visit the discussion here: