2006/11/No Money Down House Of Cards

You have to appreciate this one. Now I generally prefer writing original material and injecting my own twist on a subject but the west coast ‘investor’ quoted below takes the proverbial cake in the national real estate weblog arena.”I don’t get it. I have several accounts with 90 day lates and one with 120 day late on it. Why are my credit scores so high?? ” asks he.Those words pour from the mouth of the most interesting (and least self-effacing) blog writer I’ve read of late. This 24 year old dude (I’m just supposing from the picture and nature of his quagmire) from Cali’ attended a few real estate seminars, subsequently bought eight houses in four states with no money down and is now, even more subsequently, in multiple stages of foreclosure on the ones he can’t unload–which is most all of them.Anyway, for those of you who wish to check out this real time trainwreck, I’ve linked his blog in my sidebar under Cool Blogs & Sites at my Chicago’s Home Weblog. And speaking of the comments (and as you might imagine there’s a zillion of them), they’re priceless.Perhaps this re-paraphrase of an already famous paraphrase I heard recently on NPR applies…”One day soon, everyone will be famous to fifteen people…” Dude.