2006/11/Holiday Staging Tips Selling Home

Below is an excerpt from a story I came accross (Full story here).

Santa’s no helper when it comes to selling a homevBy Jennifer Hiller
San Antonio Express-News
Published November 10, 2006

…DO: Display a fall or Christmas wreath on the front door.

DON’T: Put a miniature Mr. and Mrs. Claus at your front door.

DO: Put up just one Christmas tree.

DON’T: Make it big. It shouldn’t take up too much square footage.

DO: Put garland on the mantel.

DON’T: Display gifts under the Christmas tree. It’s a theft risk and can look too cluttered.

DO: Place a Thanksgiving cornucopia on the dining room table.

DON’T: Entertain. Have the holiday get-togethers at another relative’s house this year instead.

DO: Put clear or white Christmas lights in bushes or trees.

DON’T: Put lights on the house. It draws attention to all the holes you just stapled into your home.