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Chicago Metropolitan Area 2006 and 2016:I just sharpened my weblogging pencil and according to Aol.com Money who published an article from Forbes.com who got their info from Moody’s Economy.com–let me catch my breath…According to all those people the home I purchased three years ago increased more in value already than its expected to increase in the next ten. Not so sure I concur (or wish to) with Malcolm Jr on this one but decide for yourself by clicking the hyperlink on the title above.Now the attached chart includes Naperville and Joliet ( good, bad or wash?) but nevertheless it shows the median price at $290,953 today and projects $360,018 in the year 2016. Median, from what I remember in Freshman Economics 101, means there are as many houses above as below this number. The article also cites several other metropolitan areas and has all the usual sidebars and insets of the biggest, slowest, hottest etc. Oh well, at least everything is pointing in the right direction…up! And I’m sure there are several areas in the Chicagoland area that will, as always, outperform the industry soothsayers. I personally plan on being retired on an island in 2016 so let me know if I’m wrong. graph source: moody’s economy.com